You have a product or service that is going to make a difference in the world, but how on earth are you going to sell it?  How are you going to create ever-so-desired brand awareness?

LongShot’s copywriting services attack this question on multiple levels. We can start from the ground floor, creating webpages from scratch and building the foundation of your online presence. A business simply cannot operate without an informative website through which consumers can formulate a clear understanding of exactly who you are.

For established businesses/brands with an existing online presence, let us lift the burden off your shoulders. We understand that every single business relationship is unique and requires a custom plan of attack. From Email Marketing Campaigns, Newsletters, Advertisements, AND MORE, we’ll work with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the copy we produce for you.

We’ll generate traffic and brand awareness through our persuasive copy. You’ll be free to discover the next groundbreaking innovation for your company.

Examples of Our Work:

Email Copywriting:

Ryan Harris’ Email Newsletter

Martial Arts Easter Sales Email (Three-Part)

About Us/Bio Copywriting:

Vegan Pina About Us 

Service/Product Page Copywriting

Trampoline Park Birthday Party Service Page

Landing Page Copywriting:

Peggy Kirk Bell Girls’ Golf Tour Legacy Donation Page

Webpage Copywriting:

NCSA Men’s Basketball Recruiting Rules Web Copy 

NCSA Women’s Track and Field Web Copy