Sports Writing

Section 215(Sep. 2018-July 2019)

Following my initial stint with ISportsWeb covering all four professional teams in Philadelphia, I dedicated the summer toward figuring out the next step in my journey. As August came to a close, I found myself packing my belongings and establishing a new “home” in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Separated from home for the first 22.5 years of my life, I found myself smack in the middle of unfamiliar territory, nearly 500 miles away from the great city of Philadelphia. Less than two weeks into my next chapter, I sat alone in an apartment void of all furniture except for a 60-some inch Samsung television held up by a container of Clorox sanitizing wipes wedged against the blank wall.

Sitting mere inches away from the glaring screen, streaming my Temple Owls via Reddit on an Amazon Fire Stick (because cable prices, am I right?!), I came to the stark realization of the two most important factors in my life (aside from family and that good stuff): Philadelphia and sports.

At that moment, I was determined to revisit my passion for Sports Writing and relentlessly contact Philadelphia sports blogs in hopes of finding an opening to present my thoughts and analysis. Sure enough, in that same month that I moved away from the place that I loved most, I returned (in spirit) as a contributing writer for Section 215.

The link above will take you to my author profile, containing all of the pieces I produced as a contributing writer on their team.

Peggy Kirk Bell Girls’ Golf Tour (Sep. 2018-Sep. 2019)

Moving down to Greensboro was a decision I made after accepting a position with the Peggy Kirk Bell Girls’ Golf Tour, an LPGA approved girls’ golf tour. My position of Communications Assistant revolves heavily around creating blog posts for the website and posting event previews, updates, and recaps.

I incorporated several changes to the blog upon my arrival. In the fall I created a weekly round-up of the top performances by Tour alumni in their collegiate seasons. As I grew more comfortable and understanding of what my role was within the company, I began to alter the format of the event previews, updates, and recaps. I spiced up the content, incorporated headers for each division, and delve deeper into their performances. I have also incorporated a Weekend Review that I produce every Monday. The review provides a brief summary of all events that transpired over the weekend, highlights players who moved up in the rankings and includes information about upcoming tournaments/registration dates.

The link above will take you to my author profile which includes all of the pieces I have worked on in my time here.

ISportsWeb(March 2018-May 2018)

From the very early days of my existence, I loved sports and enjoyed writing. I aspired at a very young age to become a sports writer/broadcaster when I grew up. In High School, I spent the majority of my free time playing sports or playing music.

As I transitioned into college, I was a student-athlete for all of one month. My short-lived collegiate baseball career was shortened due to a nagging shoulder injury.  A blessing in disguise, I transferred into the heart of the fourth largest sports media market in the country.

I became immersed in a combination of sports video production, a rather serious musical endeavor, and honed my writing skills through my coursework and internships. All that was left for me to do was mesh my love for sports with my enhanced ability to produce a compelling story.

Fate intervened yet again when I was able to parlay my passion for sports and the written word into an internship with an online sports blog, ISportsWeb, on the Temple University internship portal.

I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to contribute to ISportsWeb for the final months of my college career, on the tail end of a magical season for the Eagles, amidst the first Sixers playoff run since the inception of “The Process”, and for the first semi-exciting Phillies season in recent years.

The link above takes you to my author profile, consisting of all the pieces I produced throughout the internship.