Video Production

Video is the number one marketing strategy to spread brand awareness and grow within your prospective industry. To boot, video sells. Grow your revenue nearly 50% faster with the incorporation of video marketing.

Whether you’re looking to build your brand or just want an event covered, LongShot is here to provide you with top quality video services! We offer everything from video advertisement/marketing production to capturing the important events in your life. We’ll work with clients of all spectrums.

Looking for a promo to announce the release of a new product/service? Need a highlight video created to attract the attention of college coaches and land that coveted scholarship? Want to capture a special moment like a wedding, graduation or corporate event? We have you covered!

Be sure to check out the sub-sections of our video production page for specific examples of marketing-based videos and sports productions!

Don’t just write your story, show it to the world. 

Video Production Reel